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Artists condemn making fun of Amaka

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Malawian artists have united in disapproving the mocking behaviour towards female musician Amaka due to her current mental status.

According to the artists, mocking the 18-year-old music sensation has potential to worsen her condition, thus she needs support.

“It’s sad to see people sharing her video and laughing about her situation instead of quickly coming in to help her,” said musician and media personality Blackjack

Fashion designer Roy View also said Amaka’s condition is not worth laughter. He wrote, “A person getting mad, it’s not something we should be celebrating and share video clips happily.”

Hip hop artist Henry Czar has encouraged people to remember Amaka in their prayers.

“Let’s learn to stop jumping into conclusions and judging based on what we see on social media, we don’t know what might be going on in her life. Above all let’s keep her in prayers.”

It was reported that the Lilongwe based songstress had gone mad in the aftermath of taking Marijuana. However, her mother quashed the rumour.

According to her mother who is also her manager, Amaka is depressed. She said, “Amaka has been facing so many challenges in life which has led to serious depression.”

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