[News] Gwamba Live Concert

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Musically it seems Malawi is no longer crawling like a nine months baby, no longer in range of tender age.
Hardworking artist the likes of Gwamba are taking Malawi’s music industry worldwide now, here is a visible proof to the previous point. On November 21st Gwamba will be performing live at Mzuzu stadium with a well known artist Emtee all the way from South Africa and other local artist zinthu zoti sizinachitikepo.
These two well known rappers are saying are fully ready to make this daydream prevail and bring captivating entertainment to the northern region.
Tiyeni tikaone zomwe madolowa amatha ma Tv screen adzapumeko tikaone live, kuno nkhumpoto tiyeni tikapembe vimoto vinandi nakuzuzga stadium ya Mzuzu, see you there.
By Vchris

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