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Knowing and embracing one’s beauty is an act of praising and acknowledging that God is the ultimate artist. Models on any runway are a sentiment to this sentence.


S’nikiwe Mvula Ck is a young lady determined to carry and represent our flag in the near future with her passion for modeling. This passion has always been there but it became vivid once she won a modeling contest at her school.


“I ventured into modeling in 2015. That year my life changed as I met Samantha and Pauline, they worked at Black More Co. They gave me courage to start modeling.”


“I contested for a crown at my school and I happened to win it, then later that month I modeled for Lily Alfonso and Black More Co. That’s how I ventured into modeling” S’nikiwe states.


S’nikiwe’s passion for modeling burned so fiercely to the point of deciding that modeling is what she wants to do for a long time, and actually switching her tertiary school course from accounting to taking up Fashion Arts.


“Frankly speaking, the time I joined modeling, I was studying accounting and then I switched to study Fashion Arts and Beauty, which covers cosmetology, tailoring, painting etc. But with all these I would still stick with modeling because it’s a platform where I freely express myself and the love of the fashion industry.”


Just like any venture comes with headaches, this young lady’s career has brought her many challenges among the top being event managers attitudes in failing to appreciate the value models bring to a show.


“Most models have similar challenges and there are a lot but most of the challenges come from show organizers just to say a few; Lack of transparency from the organizers, Show organizers tend not to accommodate the model after the fashion event- as a result models are always stranded due to the act, Models tend to work under extreme pressure when time is not properly managed, there is less protection for models, And there is a tendency of not respecting models when they are hired” she says.


Out of all these challenges our young model still pushes on while considering the principal of the “greater good”, because just 5 years into the modeling game she has already scored her wins including making it into a look book by Lynee Kayenne, a Malawian designer based in the UK. And being nominated as the Female model of the year by the UMP in 2019.


“Through my management I was connected to Lynee Kayenne and was featured in her look book which was also featured in a USA magazine ‘IStyle Magazine’, I was happy and honored to be part of her look book.


Apart from that I was also awarded to be the face of Lily Alfonso at African Fashion Festival in 2019, and it is this function that made me get nominated at the UMP awards as the female model of the year, and there are other wins that I have, like being crowned the first princess at Glam and Glory, and modeling for big artists in the music industry like Tay Grin.”


S’nikiwe also has 3 gigs lined up on runways outside the Malawi.


Venturing into an art career and actually being close to success is a challenge on its own, but we all have heard the phrases of hard work and patience paying, let this story of our 22 year model be an inspiration to all who wish to venture into an art career, that with time and the right moves and constant work- dreams are achievable.

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