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Israel is another missile ready to burst from the legendary Grace Chingas family. During her life time, the late veteran gospel musician Grace Chinga, Miracle was the first voice to show up from her off springs ringing the bell to Malawians that her family has more to offer. After her demise, Graces first son Steve Spesho made his way to the big stage of his music career, and now its Israel the last born, his music has already proven that he is an asset.


His passion for music started at a very tender age, owing the passion to singing in All Angels Choir at Full gospel church in Chilobwe Blantyre.


After listening to the Mdidi hit maker Faith Mussa during his childhood, he tried his vocal codes in 2015 and came to the limelight recently this year with a single titled Dzanja lanu, a song that dropped on 18 January 2020.


” I was already into music the time I was born. I had always wanted to become a musician, but with a unique style, because my Mom then, always urged me to attend All Angels Choir every week if I were to achieve my dream, and sometimes we used to sing together, ” Israel said.


He dwelled much talking about his first project which came out together with a video by commending the support that was there behind the scenes together praising his own efforts.


“The audio was produced by Don T at Red Disc Music, Whereas, the video was done by David Saini. The song was premiered on radio 2 FM.


” No one sponsored Dzanja lanu. I settled all the costs incurred on the project on my own as I had been saving money for years,” he said.


The song enjoyed most of airplays in a number of radio stations in the country. Surprisingly, it came to the top on Malawi Gospel Music Chart Website. Hopefully this geared his desire to do more. Dzanja Lanu is a song of hope and a prayer asking God to shower blessings. And Israel also dropped Pompa and step in 2021 and the songs are awesome


The gospel artist, Israel Chinga was born in 2002.


Israel projected : ” I realize that it impossible for a song to please everyone. However, my vision is to spread the gospel all over the world through music”.

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