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BY: Lawrence Nachipo

The Malawian Ireland based artist by the name of Vida Official born Vida Ezra Germano introduces a new online program titled Smash or Pass which is targeting on music videos like how they are being produced and giving them credit on how the concepts and how they have been produced.

“when i have an Opinion about Everything, i always wanna share it, and i like to tell people what i think whether good or bad, the effort of voicing out your opinion is energy consuming because you take what you dish out.

People will call you a hater or Favouring someone for Being True to your Beliefs, So this Platforms is for me to voice out my thoughts, i might not be right or wrong but it will be meaningful and constructive at the end of the day and thats enough.” Vida said.

Vida continued saying that she is no sure if this show should be of beneficial about but it Will definitely contribute to the industry because we really do not have platforms that criticize our works, What Each And Every Artist wanna hear is “Thats the Great Song or Thats a Great Video”

Even If Its Not, Just because it was done professionally it really dont mean it gets a Pass, we both cant like the same things.

People Wanna Be Liked so Bad that They are so afraid to have an Opinion.

” As an Artist Myself, I’m a firm believer that you can learn something from everyone it really dont matter what status you hold, I would love to get construct critism from people that love my work to shape me and teach me everyday to be better version of myself. ” Vida Emphasized.

She continued saying that she is a future in this program because you cant start what you cant finish, I would love to see Other creatives, creating these kind of Platforms, Because it will really make An Artist to bring out the best and not settling for less, Thats why there are more Shows like this on Youtube, i am only bringing this on Facebook For Malawi to Have Better Access For Those People That Cant Access Heavy Social Media Platforms and i see myself working other music analysts in the near future and everyone who is willing to work with me the door is open, i have all the high hopes that people will love this program.

“I am more anxious than excited with this program if that makes sense, I am anxious to see how other artist will receive this because obviously they will have to go back and also rate my work, and thats fine by me. And i am excited because this is something that i love to do,

I have a podcast called ‘Reach Out’ that talks about mental health and this is a whole new direction i am taking so its a challenge to Balance and i am confident about it.” Vida explained.


Vida made her last remarks by saying that people should just watch and support SMASH OR PASS!

Its gonna be Fun we will be loved and hated together but it will bring change in the Malawian music industry.


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