[ARTIST] Jahmishawn

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Jahmishawn is a Lilongwe based dancehall artist, below is his biography.



Name :Hassan chunga


Stage Name : Jah mishawn aka Hatta


Favourite international Artist: Masicka, Local Provoice


Born in chinsapo raised in deh

Based in chigwiri



GENRE: Reggae dancehall


Hobbies: Reading novels and doing free styles


Studying or working: Schooling


Jahshawn Started doing music when he was in primary school and mainly his ghetto (Chinsapo) influenced him when listening to reggae dancehall music through a couple of people who are also into music.


“I started recording songs in form two and when i moved to Chigwirizano my career began working well since I met some big boys( TripoB, MaadT,Santiago etc) there. Right now music is everything to me.” He Concluded.


Below are the links of Jahshawn’s Music

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