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By Victor Chris Tembo

Malawian dancehall artist, Sean Morgan recently spent his precious time in studio just to disclose his greatest wish in life.

Through a song which he is about to release Sean Morgan will feed ears of music lovers with lyrics which unveil how desperate he is to go international with his craft.

The song is titled ‘London’ just like a name of capital city of United Kingdom and some communities as well as some business premises across the world. The main message in this song is based on his next step which he is about to take musically.

Morgan says he don’t want his talent to die in Malawi just like the way it happens for other artists, nooo! But to live until it hits all corners of the world “Ndikupanga wish kuti nthawi inayake ndizavaya London ndizafila ndzayatsa moto in other words I will go international” through the mixture of Chichewa and English that’s what he told us.

This song ‘London’ will soon be released through media house which has not yet been disclosed and it will also be available on internet, different websites which will soon be communicated so just be on a lookout your patience will make you enjoy the tune.




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