THE RISE OF RNB KING BY: Lawrence Nachipo

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According to Keith Haring “Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further”. Malawi’s most trending Afro pop star born Shafie Phiri known by his stage Name Driemo, gives a highlight of his music career.


“I chose to be doing this kind of music because it is the type of music I am comfortable with, Comfort ability in a way of easiness when it comes to deliver the message to the people than I would do in other genres” Driemo said.


Driemo mentioned that his music mostly dwells on where he is more comfortable in giving out the message to people and he tells that when people are listening to his music they can reduce stress which either comes from love issues or other society issues, creating music has added benefit of expression and involvement, which focuses attention.


“I am inspired by life itself, I feel like there is more to life than we talk about. And I wanted to fill the gap.’ Driemo said.


He continued saying that his connection with his music is how we live as humans and being one of them, he sees the day and day living of people as a great motivation which can also be an encouragement to someone. Enthusiastically his music has been well received by the nation and other surrounding countries.


‘I use beats that match the type of message that I want to give, instruments that are catchy pertaining to the song that I want to do and that gives more energy and attraction.” Driemo explained.


Production is the most influential part in art more especially music which shows that every great art needs a great production. Driemo elaborated that his management makes sure that the production team is always working tirelessly in making sure that they are delivering nothing but the best and people should be impressed with the music as well as the production of the music.


‘Art is a vessel that is used to carry whatever you want to communicate, it is more like an envelope, carrying the message to the world and so to me it is a way of communicating to peoples souls In any way possible.” Driemo talked about the meaning of art to him.


Driemo said that he sees himself being one of the most successful and influential artist Malawi has ever had and as far as his dreams could take him to and the support he is receiving is so huge than how he expected. He made his last remarks by saying that once a person is an artist should always be an artist and should not stop and give up even the society is not appreciating because one day doors will be opened for the art to progress.



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