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BY: Lawrence Nachipo


KB Wear is a Malawian owned group of companies that specialises in marketing, advertising, transportation, fashion and designing. The Company has been operating in different countries since its existence and has recently entered into a partnership with Fever Night Life Club, a USA night club located in Wichita Kansas.

Fever Night Life club is one of the biggest clubs in the US and this is a very big development for KB Wear because this deal will create a platform for further brand exposure .


In a brief interview with the Founder of KB Wear, Owen Mwenye, he said it has always been his wish to work with different brands across the world. In Malawi KB Wear has been involved in different activities and with brands like Fashion for Change ‘a yearly event hosted with the aim of promoting growth of fashion in Malawi. Apart from all that KB wear believes in giving back to the community by being involved in various charity works.


Mwenye believes collaborating with a night club is an opportunity to reach out and interact with different types of people from all walks of life. “Fever Night Life has a schedule which plays afro beats on Fridays referred to as rhythms of our hearts, “after visiting the place for several times, I took it of high importance to work with them in promoting the African Unity.

He further said, that this partnership will also help in the growth and exposure of the Malawian music industry as Malawian music will be played in the club and people will get to know the talents Malawi has.

“don’t be limited when you are building a brand, success comes in different ways so always do your best and work hard at all times because sky is the limit,” Mwenye made his last remarks.

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